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Beautify Chelsea

Beautification Projects


Dover Community Garden

Planting the roots to a healthy lifestlye for the community

3223 Arctic Ave.HEIC

Electrical Boxes

Powering up our neighborhood with art

Cloud & Bubbles Planter.HEIC

Dover Avenue Makeover

Check out the streets stunning makeover today


Dover Community Park

Creating a place to bring the community together... with FUN!


Tree Planting

A tree can be the change!


Fire Station Makeover

Sparking a change of appearance


Planter Boxes in Business District

Want to take charge of watering?


Texas Avenue Makeover

Check out the streets stunning makeover today

T-Shirt Contest

Let the T-Shirt Contest Begin!

Code and Clean Projects


Social Outreach

Building a brighter tomorrow, together


Code Enforcement

Keeping our streets clean, one code at a time.


Sunday Clean-Ups

Sundays are our Fun Days to clean up #ProudToDoMyPart

If toters becomes damaged or is in need of replacement you can submit a request here or call Directors office for public works (609)-347-5700

Public Safety Projects


Ring Camera

Get a FREE set of eyes to enchance public safety!

Camera ACPD7.jpg

Camera Partnership with ACPD

Fostering a relationship with Atlantic City Police Department

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