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Beautify Chelsea

Beautification Projects


Arbor Day Tree Planting

A tree can be the change!


Dover Community Park

Creating a place to bring the community together... with FUN!

Screen Shot 2024-02-13 at 12.24_edited.png

Hydroponic Initiative

Cultivating a brighter, greener future

T-Shirt Contest

Let the T-Shirt Contest Begin!

Cloud & Bubbles Planter.HEIC

Dover Avenue Makeover

Check out the streets stunning makeover today

3223 Arctic Ave.HEIC

Electrical Boxes

Powering up our neighborhood with art


Planter Boxes in Business District

Want to take charge of watering?


Dover Community Garden

Planting the roots to a healthy lifestlye for the community


Fire Station Makeover

Sparking a change of appearance


Texas Avenue Makeover

Check out the streets stunning makeover today

Code and Clean Projects

Code and Clean

Social Outreach

Building a brighter tomorrow, together


Sunday Clean-Ups

Sundays are our Fun Days to clean up #ProudToDoMyPart



Wiping out graffiti, painting a brighter tomorrow


Waste Bin Project

Out with the old, in with the new

If toters becomes damaged or is in need of replacement you can submit a request here or call Directors office for public works (609)-347-5700

Public Safety

Public Safety Projects

Camera ACPD7.jpg

Camera Partnership with ACPD

Fostering a relationship with Atlantic City Police Department


Doorbell Camera

Get a FREE set of eyes to enchance public safety!

Screen Shot 2024-03-05 at 3.20.56 PM.png


Be the beacon of your community, report dim or out-of-order streetlights

Hope Initiatives

Hope Initiatives

Choosing to support social service organizations with your donations is a more impactful choice than giving your money directly to individuals. These organizations are skilled at addressing broader social issues like poverty and education gaps. They can implement effective programs, reach more people, and ensure lasting positive changes. With transparent reporting, they provide donors confidence in the impact of their contributions. 

By backing these organizations, you play a vital role in fostering long-term solutions and building a better society. Contributing to social services causes is straightforward with Chelsea EDC. Their platform allows everyone to easily support various needs, from helping at-risk individuals to contributing to mental health initiatives. By choosing a cause that resonates with you, making a direct contribution becomes effortless. Chelsea EDC empowers everyone to make a positive impact on the issues that matter most.

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