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Chelsea EDC’s clean-ups are aimed at beautifying and fostering a sense of community pride in the neighborhood. Over the course of 16 weeks, our dedicated beautification team, along with enthusiastic residents, comes together for a fun-filled two-hour cleanup event every week from 11 AM to 1 PM. Through this initiative, we seek to create a cleaner and more inviting neighborhood while building stronger relationships among residents. In addition to physical cleanup efforts, the project provides an opportunity for residents to interact and communicate with one another. Through post-cleanup discussions and socializing, we aim to strengthen community bonds, nurture friendships, and create a closer-knit neighborhood.




2023 Clean-Ups

Ahemd's Community Clean-up Scheduel.jpeg
Sunday Clean Up.jpeg

Sarah has been dedicating her time in every clean up! Thanks to Frank, she gets to enjoy a day at the Philly’s game with her son

Project Contact

Ahmed Ahmed

Street Captain Coordinator


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