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Homebuying Classes

The Mortgage Qualifying Process


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Quotes From Our Students

I attended a seminar just with the thought of getting information but received so much more. Frank's kindness, knowledge and care is Unmatched. He walked me through everything I needed to know step by step and has gone above and beyond seeing me through my process. Thank you, Chelsea Economic Development Corp., for offering these programs and seminars, and work with a GREAT HUMAN (Frank Montufar) leading the way. I'm personally truly GRATEFUL! -Lyntaga Smith

Frank, I really enjoyed your class. I can see that you are very knowledgeable in the area of 203K loans. I will definitely refer people to you that may require a 203K, FHA, or conventional mortgage Thank you - Lan Dang Bloom Realty Inc, Residential Specialis

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Frank Montufar

Homebuying Instructor 

DEVELOPING ACCEPTABLE CREDIT STANDARD: how to maintain a good credit profile, how to establish a credit profile, how to repair a poor profile---------------- and what is a FICO score?

INCOME DETERMINATION: What does a monthly income equate to in terms of purchasing power? Where does the home search begin?


ASSETS TO CLOSE: The availability of state and local grants providing down payment and closing cost assistance

ALSO: Topics include the tax benefits of homeownership and mortgage plans tailored to first-time buyers. Buyers such as renovation loans, which provide purchase and renovation with one loan--purchasing in as-is condition, The story of Luis and his purchase experience, and demonstrating the ease of the home purchase process with a “mock purchase and closing” exercise----------AND MORE

YOU'RE HOME (1).png
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