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S.T.E.A.M. dreams

becoming a reality 

in Atlantic City.


With the funding ACDEVCO and Chelsea EDC received from New Jersey’s Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Program for 2021, we are excited to bring innovative educational opportunities to the City’s youth.


The Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City STEAM Lab welcomes Atlantic City youth, to an exposure-ship in coding, robotics, and graphic design.  Students embark on building adventures with Lego Mindstorm and Boost robots while becoming fluent in coding using Apple Swift Playground and graphic illustration with Adobe Photoshop, all using Apple’s cutting-edge devices.  The STEAM Lab offers a rigorous curriculum and educational continuum, guided by industry leaders, providing opportunities for problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and creative expression.  The STEAM Lab is fueling a homegrown workforce of experts in Atlantic City.  Visit us online at


The Our Lady Star of the Sea (OLSS) STEAM/MAKERSPACE Lab, through partnerships with Atlantic County Institute of Technology (ACIT) and the Boys and Girls Club, will provide community youth and adults with STEAM education workshops, training, career education, and the discovery of new pathways to employment. During the next two years, the OLSS STEAM/MAKERSPACE lab will be designed through a partnership with ACIT in order to implement youth and adult STEAM programming and training. OLSS will offer both formal and informal STEAM education workshops and training sessions addressing the 21st-century skills needed for education, advancement, and employment. 50% of the OLSS student population will have access to the programs and activities created for use within the Lab curriculum. Additionally, at least 60 youth and adult members of the Chelsea Community will be recruited for participation in these programs over two years. Visit us online at:


Both programs are currently accepting students. Sign your students up now at either website. 


These important programs align directly with Focus Areas detailed in ACDevco’s community-based 10-year plan for economic growth in the Chelsea neighborhood of Atlantic City. 


  • Focus Area #5 Economic Development involves supporting the businesses in the neighborhood and providing resources to the residents to earn a living wage with opportunities for advancement. Diversifying the neighborhood economy, supporting existing businesses, and preparing workers for good, local jobs will lead to a vibrant Chelsea.


  • Strategy 5.2 is to connect residents with education and career pathways.  Empowering youth, young adults, and workers through training, continuing education, and other career pathways is a long-term investment in the sustainability and resilience of the local economy. 


  • Youth and Young Adult Education & Training: Support the expansion of youth and young adult career exploration and training programs administered by local partners such as the Boys & Girls Club.  Provide support and referrals for individuals seeking to complete their GED.


Find the full plan and strategies HERE.

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