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Code Enforcement

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Chelsea EDC's code enforcement initiative aims to improve the overall appearance, safety, and quality of life in Chelsea by addressing homeless encampments, graffiti concerns, and property violations. Thanks to our collaboration with Public Works and Mr. Chowdhury from Code Enforcement, we are able to address immediate concerns and collaborate on resolving issues in the community.


  • Combat graffiti concerns by obtaining permission from property owners or responsible parties to cover graffiti with paint, improving the visual appeal of affected properties. 

  • Awareness of property violations by sending letters to property owners, informing them of specific violations, and encouraging compliance with city regulations.

  • Ongoing meetings with Mr. Chowdhury from Code Enforcement foster a productive and collaborative partnership to effectively address and resolve code enforcement and beautification issues.

  • Close working relationship with the Public Works department, led by James Grams. This partnership ensures effective communication, coordination, and prompt response to identified beautification issues.



Ahmed Ahmed

Street Captain Coordinator


Project Contact

Connie Hackney
Public Safety Coordinator

Michelle Green
Public Safety Team 

George Tittermary

Beautification Coordinator

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