Beautify Chelsea Street

Captain Program

The program identifies Captains for each street, that will be trained to lead beautification efforts that will result in rewards such as sidewalk repairs, tree plantings, general clean up, lighting, and other improvements requested by the residents.


With oversight by a community steering committee, street captains and a program coordinator will be selected.  


Captains will be trained in the following areas:

•            the process for reporting issues to various City departments, including property

               maintenance/code enforcement, zoning, and public safety

•            leadership and communication

•            social service resources in the community



                                                  THE VOLUNTEER STREET CAPTAIN                                     

Once trained, the street captains will lead beautification projects in their designated area, report code violations and crime, and contact city departments as needed. 


The steering committee will choose recognition of streets and (in consult with the residents) associated rewards that will further beautify and improve the area. 




Beautification and improvements to the neighborhood. Mitigation of code violations.  Increased leadership, volunteerism, and active community participation. A stronger connection between the neighborhood and City departments.

Implements Plan Strategies:

  • 1.3 Empower residents to become community leaders

  • 1.3 Engage residents through the arts

  • 1.4 Facilitate opportunities to connect the community to anchor institutions

  • 2.1 Interventions for a safe community

  • 4.2 Improve housing quality

  • 4.3 Promote preservation, resilience, and beautification of homes.